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How do I start a web project?

January 21st, 2016

How do I go about starting a web project?How do I go about starting a web project?

The problem is that with today’s technology, everyone’s an expert. It’s tempting to ‘have a go’ yourself. In fact most of the clients who approach a web-designer have already been down this path! It’s nothing like as straightforward as it seems. And by far the best way is to talk to an experienced web company about what you need. It might be a make-over of your existing website, injecting it with up-to-date style and technology. Or perhaps your business has expanded to the point where you now need to streamline your public interface with a purposeful web presence.

How long does it take to design and develop a website?

How long does it take to design and develop a website?It all depends on what you want. Do you simply want an online catalog of your services or products? If so, how many pages and sections will there be, and do you need only lists and prices, or photo of each item too? Do you want to be able to sell online and thus need a shopping basket and card processing terminal? For a smaller web-presence it might only take a week or so.

But the best web-design companies well be in constant contact with their clients, offering them alternative ideas and layouts for approval, and this can’t be done overnight. Plus if you also need online shopping and card processing, then a conscientious company is likely to take at least four weeks to establish and test everything for your approval. And they will provide you with a timescale of events beforehand, too.

What will my site look like?

What will my site look like?It’s up to you! Many clients spend time online tracking down existing websites that they like  the look of and decide that they want something similar. The alternative is to directly approach a web company or designer and look over their portfolio to see what appeals.

Unfortunately the majority of first-time clients aren’t sure what they want, but can immediately speak up about what they don’t want! This wastes everyone’s time and money – far better to have some sense of direction before you approach any web designers.

How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost?Once again, it all depends on what elements you need, how complex the site is, how many photographs are needed and whether these need to be specially taken or supplied by yourself, plus what size the finished site will be. A competent web designer will be aware of all these aspects, plan accordingly, and be able to present you with a costing breakdown at the start of your project so there will be no surprises later.

Are there ongoing or hidden costs involved with creating a website?

Are there ongoing or hidden costs involved with creating a website?Ongoing, yes. Hidden? Well, there shouldn’t be! Once you have established your website, your designer should have already made it clear to you what his costs will be for adding to or updating it. If you anticipate having a lot of updates then it might benefit you to pay the extra cost of setting up a CMS-based site. (See next header.)

The only other recurring costs will be the annual domain name renewal and the annual cost of hosting your site. And if you expect to still be around well into the future (who doesn’t!) then it may be wise to opt for a 3-year plan in the first place, which usually comes at a discount.

A CMS website explained.

A CMS website explained‘CMS’ stands for ‘content management system’. In a nutshell, this is a layer of software which allows you to update your own site without needing to understand about the complexities of html programming, xhtml, JavaScript, CS scripts and so on. You will be able to control the elements of your website at your own pace at in your own time. This will enable you to add or change text, pictures, thumbnails, videos, slideshows, links, maps, PDFs and many other aspects.

Still not sure? Do you have more questions?

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