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Toronto Web Design Trends 2016

March 1st, 2016

Toronto Web Design trends 2014

Internet is one of the most reliable sources of information. Businesses that wish to use this platform to market their products and grow to their full potential have no option but to invest in a quality web design. There is a number of professional web design Toronto service providers who offer top notch services at a fair price.

Here are some of the newest Toronto web design 2016 that are currently trending online and helping business leap millions from the ever growing online community.

1. Use of high quality images on websites

Portraits are well known for their ability to increase the quality and appearance of a simple image on a websites. For year now, professional web design Toronto personnel have being trying to convince clients to incorporate quality images on their website. In 2016, use of quality images on website is expected to increase. Affordability, faster web loading speed and access to high quality images are some of the major factors that will fuel this trend.

2. Introducing the new Flat Toronto Web Design

This is another top level Web Design that has attracted very many business entrepreneurs from all across the globe. As the name suggests, this is an intuitive, simple, clean and modern design that is specifically tailored to ensure that you give clients the best user experience. One of the benefits of using this web design Toronto trend is that it allows designers to meet their clients’ expectations using minimal resources.

3. Newsletter Designs keeps growing

Most business have being relying on email marketing to connect with their prospective clients. This New Year, newsletters will still remain relevant. To achieve this, web design Toronto experts are working smart to design more creative, exciting and customer friendly designs for small, medium and large businesses.

4. Content is king in Website Design

The New York Times is one of the first leading media companies that have embraced this new Toronto Web Design. It focuses more on content than the whistles and bells which at times are ineffective in helping websites rank high and generate traffic from search engines. Simply put, this webdesign ensures websites achieve their objective by making sure that the actual or relevant content shines.

5. Infographics – The ultimate data presentation tool

Infographics not only grasps the attention of the readers but also present information in a clear and consistent manner. Business owners have discovered the hidden power of using them to reach out to client as evident from increase in number of clients that prefer using them on their websites and blogs. To achieve the expected results, web design Toronto companies’ uses typography, bold color schemes and creative shapes to craft them.

6. Responsive web design

This is no doubt going to be a standard web design Toronto option for any form of business. Due to the expected increase in demand for it, developers will have no option but to learn its coding requirements. The main pro derived from this Toronto web design is that can be accessed from virtually any technologically advanced smartphones and tablets. This in turn mean businesses will be able to reach out to their clients more efficiently and economically.

7. Short Presentation Videos are back

The main essence of having a website is to market products and services as well as communicate with the target clients. I strongly believe that the Vine explosion has significantly contributed to the reintroduction of short presentation videos in Toronto Web design. Most videos that usually go viral are 6 seconds long or less. This year, it is projected that even 30 second clips will become very popular as more businesses venture into online marketing. Business that will invest in this web design Toronto will surely leap unlimited profits as they will be able to amicably communicate with target clients.

8. Typography will remain relevant

Typography will surely take the center stage. Advancement in technology had led to a rampant increase in number of mobile apps. This has in turn introduced us to a wide range of new typography that we never thought existed. Toronto web design experts attest to the fact that these typographies has significantly revamped user experience and met our font usage expectations amicably.

9. Use of fixed navigation

In the recent past, web design Toronto over-designed websites leading to sophisticated websites that were very difficult to navigate. That era is long gone; we no longer have to look for a menu that is inconspicuously hidden under a ribbon. In 2016, navigation bars will be more available and user friendly. A Toronto web design with a top menu or fixed position sidebar is an ideal choice for content heavy websites.

10. Parallax web design grows

Gone are the days 960 pixel website designs were the only options for web developers. The new parallax design from professional Toronto web design service providers is more reliable than the past design as it has exceptional scrolling features, creative and strong typography and power imagery. Big brands that are focused and committed to establishing themselves as an authority online will surely love this new design.

As you can see, these new web design Toronto trends will redefine the manner in which websites are created. Investing in a quality website design is a guaranteed way of achieving your online business goals and objectives.