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Web Development in Toronto – the process

February 18th, 2016

Toronto Web Development Process

There are several stages involved, each of them flowing seamlessly into the next. You first need to have a clear idea of what you want. Is this really just a showcase for your goods or services, or do you want to be able to sell online, too? There are many ways to go about this in Toronto, and just as many web developers looking for your custom.

Once you have settled for a Toronto web development company that you can relate to, you need to arrange each step. Graphic content – designs and logos, thumbnails and photographs – have to be agreed upon. Text always needs to be clear and concise and that’s where a good web designer agency can help you. You’ll certainly know what you want to say on your pages – it’s obvious to you, but does it make sense to an outsider?

Finally, when everything is finished and it’s all up and running, it’s not the end, it’s just the start! Content has to be kept up to date and new information and pictures added. All of this is why if you’re looking for a team of Web Development in Toronto or the Toronto area, you need to go about things methodically to ensure you find the best.

Creating your website – the stages

Shop around to begin with! Never just head for the first Toronto web design company (or anywhere else) that you come across. Arrange a meeting and turn up with a very clear idea of the purpose of your site, whether you want a formal of informal style of web design and also take along samples of your existing advertising or publicity. Go to two or three such meetings with different designers and come back to the company which you felt the most comfortable with.

Once you know you have found a web design company with whom you have a good working relationship, the building work can begin.

Stage One – Web Hosting and the Domain Name

1 Web Hosting and the Domain Name The first thing to do is to decide on a name for your website. This is not so straightforward as it sounds, as you want a domain name (a name) that is individual and easy to remember. But there is a very good chance that all the short names have been taken already! So you’ll need to work together with your web designer to come up with the best solution.

Do you need to use the word ‘Toronto’ as a part of it? This could deter potential customers who are further away, so discuss this with your designer. This is an important step, as it is likely to become your company identity and be with you for a long time to come.

Stage Two – Creating the Wireframe

Creating the Wireframe

Ten years ago the graphics industry would have called this a ‘dummy’ – as in “. . . the first thing we’ll do is to make up a dummy website for you.” But today you’ll hear the word ‘wireframe’ used instead. All this is, is a blueprint of your proposed website with just the layout only, no text or graphics. Your site needs consistency throughout, with a matching style of text and captions from page to page and a unity of form. And this stage is where all this is decided. Usually this will happen initially with pen and paper, and with you working closely with your web designer to decide the outcome.


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