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Only Yesterday

Just a few years ago people would boast that they had a website, and be content to merely hand out business or name cards that listed their website address. The idea of ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) was unheard of. There were maybe 10 different search engines back then, and everyone had their favorite. Then along came Google and everything changed.

Today the internet is everything – there are almost two thousand million people (2 billion!) online now. Today, if you have a web-based business, you are in competition with a thousand others. And there is no point at all in having a website if nobody can ever find it. This is where the process of Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

But Today

Google rules! Google is used for 70% of web searches, with Bing getting about 20%. And there is no way that any business can be found unless it has been very carefully designed and compiled for Toronto SEO. In the Toronto area alone there are hundreds of, say, Chinese restaurants, but you’ll find the same names appearing several times on the first three pages of a search.

This is no accident. For this to happen, experienced SEO web designers have spent time on these websites. Here at Implode Media Inc. we have skillful SEO technicians who spend their days doing nothing else. They need to know in detail exactly how Google ranks a website, what it looks for, where to tune and adjust your website and when it is necessary to make more changes for the Toronto SEO process to keep up with the search engines.

What You Do

If you want to stay competitive, you must optimize your website so that it is ranked highly. Toronto is a bustling metropolis and no website can survive without Search Engine Optimization. Working with us at Implode Media Inc., your own personal Toronto SEO technician will develop a specific SEO profile for you that matches your website to all the aspects that Google and Bing look for. Each website is different, and your choice of words, phrases, number of pages, how many links you have and the way in which they work – all of these things need the up-to-the-minute awareness and skills that our Toronto SEO experts will bring to your site.

What We Do

To ensure your website is competitive, our SEO experts are constantly studying the evolving trends of the major search engines. These engines are smart. They’re aware that SEO website engineers (not only in Toronto but worldwide) are playing them at their own SEO game. So the search engine ‘indexers’ keep changing their targets. We have two aims; the first is to make your website ‘discoverable’ by maximizing its Toronto SEO presence. The second aim is to make sure it stays that way, by monitoring it and tuning it when necessary.

The Bottom Line

Many of our clients come to us because their existing website is not generating enough business. They’ve made their site attractive, clean and easy to navigate. But that’s just not enough. Your potential customers, searching through the Toronto area, will rarely keep looking after the first three pages of a search – life’s just too short. So, if this sounds like you, contact our specialist team of SEO optimizers. We will analyze your website and provide a comprehensive report based on your SEO presence, plus make recommendations as to the way forward towards improving your market position.

Our Toronto SEO team at Implode Media Inc. has a proven track record of developing and implementing all manner of SEO strategies, and of working with businesses of all sorts and sizes. So, if you know your website should be performing better, feel free to contact us, one of Toronto’s most effective SEO optimizers, to discuss your requirements with no obligation.

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